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Features and Advantages Offered by a Franking Machine

Franking machines may not be the cheapest investments, but their benefits sure guarantee steady returns. By simply understanding their key features and benefits, it is easy to see the role they play in the success of any business.

Key Features of a Franking Machine

DIY Auto Stamping

When you purchase a franking machine, you are purchasing a dedicated standalone printer that comes with a keyboard where you enter the franking amount. This is then followed by the amount being printed on the envelope inserted, or on a self-adhesive label. More advanced machines have built-in scales that let them calculate the franking price themselves.


Medium-range franking machines are mostly connected to Royal Mail’s network, meaning there’s no need for the user to change franking rates manually since these are automatically updated to the computer’s memory. Besides convenience, automation also ensures that the correct franking value is entered each time. These machines can also even be connected to the auditor’s or accountant’s books, making it easy to for them update the figures accordingly.

Complete Automation

If you buy a franking machine, you’re no just getting a smart, connected stamp printer. They also have automatic feeders that work with different envelope formats, bringing them straight to the printer. After accepting the envelope, some advanced machines will even insert the document, weigh it, set the franking price and actually seal the envelope! All these can all be done automatically for hundreds of mails in many different formats.

Benefits of a Franking Machine

Increased Productivity

It’s not hard to see how productivity increases with the help of a franking machine. Instead of spending too much time on mailing tasks, a business can focus on value-added operations.


The mailing rate for a franked item is actually less than that for a stamped one. And even if the discounts look small, they can add up towards the end of the year and make a significant difference.

Custom Mailing

Another benefit of franking is that you will be able to print more than the franking rate. Moreover, you can upload your company logo or any design you wish to print.

As you may expect, how you use a franking machine will mainly determine the benefits it can offer your business. This typically means that a bigger business will get more savings from franking its own mail. However, this doesn’t mean that small businesses will not have the same benefit, because there are models that are made for their specific needs.

Lastly, a small business may think that renting is a good option, but there are concrete disadvantages to it. When you rent, you can never be sure exactly how expensive the cost will eventually be. Buying, on the other hand, will keep the costs upfront and help you avoid surprises expenses, as long as you purchase the right model.

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