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on 11/05/2018


A technical surveillance countermeasure company is a company that deals with technology that can enable a person or organization to detect instances of information breach. The companies deal in effective technological devices that can be able to detect various hidden tools that might be used to access unwarranted information such as hidden cameras and voice recording devices. Identification of various limitations in the communication channel which may then be used to the advantage of those who do not want the firm to succeed is the sole objective of the surveillance countermeasure organizations.

The process normally involves thorough surveying of both the company’s electronic and physical equipment by highly qualified people to handle such information. A host of methods are used when conducting the surveillance countermeasure activities

Radio receivers are normally used by those firms dealing with surveillance countermeasure activities to identify instances where information is transmitted in any mode. The fact that most data is usually transmitted through air frequencies, therefore, makes this method very convenient to use. There are however some forms of bugs that are quite hard to detect as they do not transmit information using radio frequencies. In order to detect such bugs, the surveillance countermeasure company has to use a lot of sophisticated technology. The surveillance company may therefore use specialized equipments that are able to detect magnetic field s that are generated by the hidden bugs. Similarly, the firm can deploy the use of equipments that are able to detect the electronic noises that may emerge from the use of the bugs.

The Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Companies relies on various technologies to detect the various forms of hidden bugs that are meant to breach information from the company. Broadband technology is used to identify any radio frequencies that may not be associated with those of the company. The frequency scanner detects the electromagnetic fields that are not expected to be in the organization. The hidden eavesdropping equipment that may have been planted into the building are normally identified the non-linear junction detector. The time-domain reflectometer is technology that is used to identify questionable components in the copper wires that links the organization’s telephone and other communication lines.

The Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Companies therefore play a very crucial role in ensuring that information that is not designated to go out of the company remains within the confines of the institution. Every company and individual normally prefers some matters to remain private. Surveillance countermeasure companies aids companies to maintain confidentiality.

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