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on 11/05/2018

The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters Year Round

It is actually necessary to clean your gutters, and this is most homeowners would ask why. First of all, be aware that the debris that present in your gutters will clog them and thus preventing the water from flowing freely in your gutters. A major damage to your roof and your home below could happen if there is backed up water in your gutters. If it happens that water is directed away from your house, it may overflow to your yard, into a window well, or on your foundation, that would cause some damage and flooding.

In times of winter, icicles usually form in the gutters, and this will weigh down your gutters, leading to nails falling out and turning gutters into loose, which could fall down and creates hazard to the people and objects below them. Note that you can encounter high costs in repair if your gutters are clogged because ice will build up faster in this condition, leading to ice dams. Therefore, cleaning your gutters regularly will help avoid a more expensive solution to your gutter problems.

So you may be aware to clean your gutters, but the next question would be when is the best time to clean them. The usual times to clean the gutters are all through the season of autumns when leaves are falling from trees, and during late spring or early summer as seeds, blossoms, fruits and others would fall from trees onto the gutters. On the other hand, if you see some signs of gutter concerns, it is better to clean them immediately.

Take note that you are to access your gutters in a safe manner. Be aware of the fact as you begin to clean the gutters, that these part of your house is not very strong and will not carry your weight and even aggressive cleaning tools. For easy and safe method of performing the task of cleaning the gutters, it is recommended to use a step ladder. As you are go through the cleaning process of your gutters, avoid power lines to be safe.
Be reminded to prepare the basic gutter cleaning tools as you conduct your cleaning, and these are a bucket, a pair or waterproof gloves and a plastic gardening trowel. It is not advisable to use a sharp garden trowels as they can dent and damage the gutters.

During the winter season, ice may build up in some parts of the gutters, and when this happen, buy a heat tape from your local hardware store, lay it inside the gutter and plug it in. As there is a heating up of the heat tape, it will make the ice break into pieces and thus the debris will be easier to remove.

Take note that if the water still does not drain, it could be that the downspout is clogged up too, and so it is also important to clean it.

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