Bali Jimbaran Beach Holidays

Jimbaran indigenous village was originally a fishing village and farmers. Since in the coastal area of Jimbaran appeared many places to eat seafood (seafood) is the first in southern Bali as well as several international hotels, local livelihoods are now more towards tourism.

Jimbaran beach is the beach used to be very lonely, only seen a couple of fishing boats will sail to the sea for fishing. Since the first beach is indeed very beautiful and charming, furnished with white sand and its very spectacular sunset.

Jimbaran Beach is a bay that is very popular in Bali. Bali Jimbaran bay is also known as a fish market because in this place there is also a pier that serves to rely on boats for fishermen who finished sail. In Bali Jimbaran bay, the fish is always fresh because it is still alive. Due to the number of fishermen and fish traders who are many, Jimbaran also called the main fish market in Badung. For more information, check this siteĀ jimbaran bali indonesia.

Like Kuta and Nusa Dua in Bali, Jimbaran beach plains were covered by white sand. Sunset scenery makes this beach has a romantic impression. Another attraction owned Jimbaran Beach is the culinary form of seafood. You can enjoy a romantic dinner at Jimbaran seafood menu typical of this area in the cafe are lined up along the beach. Jimbaran bay is located not far from Ngurah Rai airport, which takes about 10 minutes and you will reach the coast of Bali. Because of its location near the airport, you can see the planes taking off or landing on the beach. As one of the beach destinations Bali, Jimbaran is also used as a sundeck.

Jimbaran Beach is one of the favorite tourist spots in Bali. White sand that stretches along the coastline and calm waves provide an elegant atmosphere at Jimbaran bay. From a distance, we can also see traditional fishing boats that were at sea to catch fish. Sights like this you will not see on other Bali beaches.

In the afternoon, you will feel life’s romantic dinner on the beach. Once cafes began to open and begin offering unique culinary Jimbaran with Seafood menu. When you visit this Jimbaran beach, you can stroll along the beach all day and then covered with a romantic dinner at an affordable price. In addition to seafood, beach Jimbaran Bali offers beautiful beaches, pristine white sand and the charm of the sunset. Do not worry about the accommodation, there are a lot of five-star hotel close to the beach