Best Hacks for Your LG G5

Most people only use a fraction of their phone’s features and capabilities. To get the most out of your LG G5, try these great hacks:

  • Unlock your phone. Did you know that unlocking an LG G5 allows you to use any carrier you want? Say goodbye to contracts and roaming charges, and hello to increased value. Unlocking your phone is quick, easy and even better, legal. Once your phone is unlocked, you can use it anywhere in the world and if you decide to sell your phone, the buyer isn’t stuck with a particular service provider.
  • Cut the fat. Clean up your home screen and free up space on your phone by hiding, disabling or uninstalling unnecessary apps. To do this, open Settings and go to “Home Screen.” From there, select Home Screen Settings and choose the “Hide Apps” option. Alternatively, go to Settings, Apps, and then under All Apps choose the app you want to disable or uninstall and tap the appropriate Disable or Uninstall buttons. You have the option of enabling disabled apps at any time.
  • Unearth your drawer. Looking for your app drawer? You can find it and add it to your default launcher by going to Settings, About Phone, Update Center, App, Updates. If this doesn’t do the trick, consider using the Smart World app that can be found in the 4.0 software. Access it by visiting the LG app store and searching for LG Home 4.0. Download the user interface (UI) and then tap “Home” and select “Home (UX 4.0).”
  • Take better pictures. It’s amazing what smart phone cameras can do and the LG G5 takes things even further. The LG G5 has dual camera lenses, one standard and one wide-angle. You can access both lenses in the camera app. However, that’s just the beginning. Using the Mode button, you can choose options such as slo-mo, panorama, time-lapse, popout and snap. You can also use a voice command of your choosing to take a photo. Simply go to Settings within the camera app and tap on the “Off” face.
  • Find your phone. If you’ve ever lost your phone or worse, had it stolen, this feature is a must. To activate, have a Google account then go to Google Settings, Security and then Remotely Locate This Device. You will be able to location your phone on an alternate device.

With the functionality these hacks provide, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.