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Keyboard Innovations of Today Today, there is a wide range of computer keyboards for sale, both online and offline. Those days of one-size-fits-all solutions Gone are long gone. Computer keyboards have advanced to satisfy an array of needs. Definitely, the regular types remain widely available. However, if you’re specifically in search of something apart from a standard or laptop keyboard, there are several options to explore. Over the last two decades, many unique and groundbreaking keyboard designs were manufactured to meet the different needs of computer users. Examples of people with special tech gadgetry needs are businessmen and travelers, and keyboard makers are ever ready to respond. Whether you plan to shop electronically or brick-and-mortar, the following are among the most exciting designs you’ll find in the market:
What Has Changed Recently With Computers?
Software Keyboards
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With the arrival of touch screen technology, smaller gadgets such as smartphones and tablets are now equipped with software keyboards, which are designed to quickly and accurately capture what the user is typing while they tap the screen. Because of the sensitive nature of the screens, the software keyboard is now considered the ideal tool for entering data, for people suffering from arthritis, repetitive strain injuries and other occupational illnesses. Ergonomic Keyboards Introduced during the mid 1990s, ergonomic keyboards quickly achieved popularity and are still fairly popular nowadays. Built to minimize the effects of certain conditions, such as the carpal tunnel syndrome, through its user-friendly layout, the ergonomic keyboard comes with a gently curved base. Both of the keyboard’s halves are angled outward, and the keys are placed in such a way that the user’s wrists will be able to rest more naturally as the person types. Roll-Up and Fold-Up Keyboards For on-the-go business people, roll-up/fold-up keyboards make another great solution. A perfect addition to tablets specifically, these keyboards are very easy to store during trips. There are even models that may be immersed in water, making them a popular choice among hospitals and other facilities where equipment requires regular sterilization. Such keyboards are made of flexible plastic and silicone and can thus accommodate even irregular surfaces. Braille Keyboards As you can tell from their name, Braille keyboards are designed for the needs of the blind. What’s great is that typical keyboards can be easily converted to Braille keyboards by just adding 8-dot Braille stickers, or ready-made Braille keyboards can also be purchased from stores. For the blind and deaf-blind users, Active Braille and Finger Braille keyboards allow communication across a wide range of information devices. Gaming Keyboards Just like Braille keyboards, you can pretty easily assume what gaming keyboards are for – competitive gaming. They come with mechanical keys that respond faster to player input than typical keyboards. While the difference may just be milliseconds, every millisecond counts to serious gamers. With the expansion of users’ needs comes the growth of keyboard design possibilities. So no matter what you need a keyboard for, you are likely to find something just right for you.