Documenting Your Travels


If travel is something you would love to do, think about how you can preserve the memories you’ll make along the way. There are tons of ways to curate your travels in a way that you can enjoy them over and over again for years to come. As you go about planning your adventures, keep your notes and maps to tuck away in your travel journals or memory boxes upon your return. It’s a great way to help you start the process of documenting your travels. Here are a few ways you can showcase your travels.

Start a Blog

This is obviously one of the most popular methods of documenting travel these days. The trouble with blogs is that they require constant attention. So if you keep a little hand written journal and take some good photos during your travels, you can write the blog post travel. If you are going on extended holidays, make time each evening to update your blog. People love instant updates so don’t forget to share your travels on social media as well. People post all kinds of things on their blogs like what they’ve seen; they’ll make products from their pictures like these supercar wallpapers; or they’ll tag companies when they use certain products in their travels.


Yes, people still scrapbook. There’s a billion dollar industry attached to scrapbooking. Those who love it, love it a lot. Like, a whole lot. It’s pretty near and dear to their hearts. Scrapbooking can be time consuming, but like everything else, you can go digital. Digital scrapbooking is much less expensive than traditional paper scrapbooking and can be done as you travel. Just log on to your software and upload your photos. You can even order printed books of your photos and scrapbook online too. Another very popular form of scrapbooking that is emerging is called art journalling or smash booking. This is when you just slap down some information in a notebook – any notebook will do – and glue a picture or a souvenir of some sort to a colorful piece of paper. Even plain white paper will do if that is all you have. The paper is not the point: the memories are what is important.

Memory Box

If you aren’t quite into writing and papercrafting, you can slap together a memory box in no time flat. Grab a shoebox, or a pretty box from a local craft store and start filling it with trinkets and receipts and souvenirs and notes from your travels. Keep things like brochures, pins, stickers, notecards, tour itineraries, bus tickets, concert tickets, and more. These are the easiest and most economical way of keeping your memories safe. And because you can store them one on top of the other, you can have multiple boxes for each trip you take.

Each time you pull out your memory box, scrapbook or read your blog, you and others can be transported back in time to when you were living those adventures for real. Use your memory keeping to inspire more adventures. What else do you want to do with your life? Where else do you want to see? Start planning and don’t forget to document it as you go!