History Of Marijuana And Wonder

Based on the historical review, the cannabis plant was first discovered in mainland China in 2737 BC. Ancient Chinese society has to know and take advantage of cannabis in everyday life since the stone age. The Chinese community to use marijuana for material woven clothing, medicine, and healing therapies such as rheumatic disease, abdominal pain, beriberi to malaria. For more information, check this site Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors

Marijuana is also processed for oil lamps and even for religious ceremonies and rituals like worship the god of death. Essentially marijuana alone there is considered ordinary wild plants like grasses that grow anywhere because the ground is suitable. However, not just any marijuana is grown in soil that does not fit with the culture of this plant. Marijuana requires character specific soil and geographical factors. Marijuana itself is divided into two parts, the hemp for industrial purposes, namely medical marijuana and hemp types, and illicit marijuana often called Cannabis. Read more Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida
One of the reasons why cannabis into illicit plants is due to substance THC. This substance can cause users to be drunk for a moment if one is used. Actual levels of substance THC contained in marijuana plants can be controlled levels of quality and if marijuana is managed and monitored by the correct process. See also Medical Marijuana Florida
Marijuana plant scent behind this, it has many benefits and saves a million other stories are so amazing. Besides marijuana as a symbol of resistance to globalization imposed capitalist countries against developing countries and developing countries.