Removing Safari Browser from a Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner

If you use a Mac then you’re probably already familiar with Safari – the built-in browser that comes with it. While Safari is a robust and powerful browser, some may prefer to use some of the many other options out there – such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and so on.

Assuming you find that you no longer use Safari, you may not want to keep it around. Unfortunately if you try to uninstall it through the normal method your Mac will prevent you from doing so with an error that cautions that it can’t be done.

Technically you can still remove Safari from your Mac, but the manual method is complicated to say the least. Rather than that, you could use Movavi Mac Cleaner to safely remove Safari without affecting any other apps.

To get started and remove Safari with Movavi Mac Cleaner, just follow these steps:

  1. Launch Movavi Mac Cleaner and wait as the automated scan finds junk files on your Mac (hit ‘Start Cleaning’ when the scan is done if you want to remove them).
  2. Open up the ‘Uninstaller’ tab and let it scan your Mac to find all the apps that are installed.
  3. Click on the ‘OS X Apps’ list to open up a list of the native OS X apps that are installed on your Mac.
  4. Find the ‘Safari’ item and click the white box next to it so that a check mark appears.
  5. Click ‘Remove’ to delete Safari from your Mac.

As you can see learning how to uninstall Safari on Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner is simple and straightforward. In fact you can use the same set of steps to remove any other native OS X apps such as Chess, FaceTime, iTunes, and so on. The ‘Uninstaller’ will also let you trace leftovers from apps that were uninstalled in the past, and remove them too.

On top of that Movavi Mac Cleaner has countless other features that may help out. It can clean all the junk from your hard drive, let you see exactly where space is being wasted, safely delete confidential files, and will protect your Mac with its built-in antivirus and firewall. All in all your Mac will have a lot less junk and a lot more free space if you choose to use it – and its speed will get a boost as well.