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A Guide to Breast Implant Surgery

If you want to undergo breast augmentation surgery, it is important to consult with your Honolulu plastic surgeon first and ask questions that might be going through your mind. It is important to be able to make the right decision regarding breast augmentation surgery, like any other surgery, so that you can be satisfied with the long term results.

The first question you need to ask is what the right breast implant size is for you. There are a lot of factors that can determine the right breast augmentation size is for you. And these factors are current weight, height, body shape, and skin elasticity. The sizes of breast implants are completely different from the sizes of your bras. The size of the implants are measure by cubic centimeters and this is the bases of breast implant manufacturers. This determines how much saline or silicone composes the implant.

One other thing you should inform your plastic surgeon is your current bra size and what you want your future bra size to be. But then you just remember that doctors measure implant sizes by cubic centimeters.
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Deciding on the breast size that you would like to have should be done before you visit your plastic surgeon. You can search magazines or the internet for women who closely match your stature in terms of height, weight, and general body shape. If you can visualize it, communicate with your plastic surgeon the breast size that is appealing to you.
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On your first appointment, the plastic surgeon will inform you what is the suitable size for your breast implant. Just also remember that when the implant is already in place you skin has to be stretched over it. During your initial meeting, this is one factor that the plastic surgeon will consider.

Your overall body shape will be affected if you have larger breasts. There is a need to carefully consider all these. The breast size will depend on your stature and this the plastic surgeon will recommend. If you want to establish a positive professional relationship with your plastic surgeon then you should always be open to him/her.

You might have friends or family that have undergone breast implants, and if they are willing to talk about it, it will be helpful to you. You can try to find out how they came up with their implant size. You can ask them what type of implants they use, silicone or saline, and if they are happy about the results.

Before you speak with a plastic surgeon, you should already have a good understanding of your expectations and goals. After all, this is your body we are talking about and it is critical to think of how you want it to look and to be able to love this new appearance.