Types of Most Used Broadband Connections
on 26/09/2018

There are above 100 of broadband connections across the globe. The internet provider market is highly competitive and offering different packages and discounts. Advancement in technology has made internet business one of the most successful business these days. In this era of advancement unlimited internet connection has become a need of every household. The statistic shows that the number of internet user in Malaysia is increasing every year.

The term broadband usually indicates high internet speed and access. Best broadband Malaysia offers most reliable internet services to their users to ease them in streaming their favorite videos in few seconds. Broadband includes several technologies to cater unlimited internet Malaysia users that are increasing day by day. People in Malaysia rely completely on internet for their day to day routine work, thus the most trending broadband technologies these days are:

  • Wireless
  • Satellite
  • Broadband over powerlines

 1. Wireless Broadband Service

To connect a home business to internet wireless broadband is the best option using radio link between the user’s location and the internet service provider facility. Wireless broadband service is flexible and can be mobile or fixed at a location.

 The fixed wireless broadband services allow the users to access internet through fixed points with the mobile service allows access at any location. The major rivals of DSL or cables has emerged the 4G LTE wireless internet service, at times reaching 15 to 25 Mbps. The major issue that arises with most of the internet services is the data usage limit per month, but this service keeps the popular and trending internet activities ongoing with very affordable rates as online video streaming or gaming sessions.

2. Satellite Broadband Service

In the rural areas the satellite service is the only option that you can avail. It provides a convenient way to access online sites but with a few limitations are imposed. These limitations can be peak hour data usage limits or relatively a slow speed due to users traffic. For keeping in touch with your friends and family over email who are far away from you satellite service helps to connect you globally to your loved ones.

 3. BPLservice

This is a new emerging internet service technology that delivers broadband over low and medium voltage electric power distribution network. The speed of Broadband over powerlines is comparable to cable or DSL model speeds. It is an emerging technology thus is available in very limited area more research and advancements are in process for this service. This service has the potential since the power lines for BPL are virtually installed everywhere, easing the need of building new and advanced broadband facilities to cater customers’ needs well.