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on 11/05/2018

Merits of a Mortgage

A mortgage is a way of borrowing money in which the borrower gives physical material such as land or vehicle to pay for the loan in case he or she defaults in payment. The borrower enters into a contract with the lender in most cases a, bank, where the borrower gets money and he or she is supposed to pay with interest within the prefixed period of time. Mortgage loans are usually borrowed from customers who want to buy homes but have insufficient money and by borrowers who have other activities to undertake but they have less money. There exist many types of mortgage loans; this poses a challenge to borrowers since they have to select the choice that suits their situation before entering into a covenant.

Mortgage loans increase the buying capacity of a customer. In recent world, the cost associated with acquiring property has increased at an alarming rate over the past couple of years which has increased the demand for one to acquire property due to the benefits associated with them. At this point only a mortgage can help the buyer increase his or her capacity to get the property with the fewer amounts he or she has compared to what the seller of the property requires.

Whenever the cost of a loan is to be reduced considerably, then one should consider getting a mortgage loan since its less costly compared to other forms of long period loans. Low costly loans are preferred by most clients hence one should go for mortgage loans. Banks usually place low-interest rates on mortgage loans since there is a security which can be sold to regain its money.

Mortgage loans are usually simple to pay since the whole amount is broken into small equal monthly installments. Paying a mortgage loan is easy since the amount to be paid in a month is much less compared to the salary of the borrower, this makes repayment simple and the amount payable on monthly basis is little compared to the amount of income one gets in a month, repaying the mortgage loan is made so easy.

A mortgage loan has a better credit score. In other words, when one has paid the monthly amounts well together with the interest then it helps you to get loans from other institutions at a low cost based on past payment. Payment of your mortgage within the time allotted enables you to acquire other loans since the lenders have a lot of confidence in you.

Getting mortgage loans comes with tax benefits to the borrower. In other words mortgage loans help lower the tax to be paid by the borrower to the state. The cash paid as interest may not be taxed. When one has completed payment of the first loan he or she is guaranteed another loan for a different project.

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