Defend Your Kingdom with the Best Tower Defense Games
on 23/07/2018

Not all kingdom and tower defense games are the same. Some take place in a medieval setting, while other games have a unique candy-coated theme. There’s a strategy-based defense game for everybody! Since kingdom and tower defense games continue to take the gaming world by storm, competition is fierce and it can be hard to find the best ones. But rest assured, only the most addicting have made our list. If you still want more options after reading the article, check out this list of the Best games I used for writing the article.

Tower Defense Top Games List

Royal Revolt 2

Get ready to bring your best defensive and offensive strategies with Royal Revolt 2. It’s easy to get started with this game, because you’ll pick up the basics as you build and customize the kingdom of your dreams. You can ally with other players around the world by joining clans and coordinate attacks with them to boost your power. But make sure you don’t forget to defend your own kingdom against the other players who are out to steal your resources! You never know which of your allies might be a traitor. Another thing I like about Royal Revolt 2 is the look. The graphics are well-polished and look great on a mobile screen.

Royal Revolt 2 can easily become addicting, which isn’t a bad thing if you’re looking for a truly immersive gaming experience for mobile. But be warned: if you don’t want any interruptions mid-ambush, make sure that you have a steady internet connection! You don’t want to be caught off-guard by an ill-timed wifi crash.

Tower Madness 2

Tower Madness is another genuinely enjoyable, if somewhat untraditional, tower defense game. The goal is to defend your flock of sheep from invading aliens. That’s right, aliens! You’re able to view the entire battlefield during every level you play and you can place your towers wherever you wish to defend your sheep. Every time you defeat an alien, you collect coins that you can use to build more towers. There is even one handy backup defense per level in case the invaders get past all your towers! This gives you one last opportunity to win back the level before defeat. It could very well mean a victory after a near loss – and everybody loves an underdog.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced game, you might find your patience running out with this game. Tower Madness 2 progresses at a natural pace through the levels, but sometimes it feels like you’re moving in slow motion, especially when you’re used to high-action fast-paced games. But, there is an option to speed everything up in case you start getting bored.

Fantasy-Themed Tower Defense Games

There’s a huge number of options when it comes to fantasy TD games, but some research will help you decide which is for you. While browsing AppGrooves, the site that listed the top 10, I found an article of their that specifically lists the best tower defense games that have a fantasy theme.

Best Fantasy Tower Defense Games written by AppGrooves

I tried all 3 and while I found that Realm Defense and Kingdom Rush are rather similar, later I started playing Realm Defense more often! For me, that’s the better pick, but who knows, you might find the second one to be more up your alley. The third one, Grow Castle, is for those who prefer non-stop action game that you can play against your friends.

So, if you have a couple minutes to spare, any of these games will hit the spot and have you ready to show off your best defense strategy to your friends! Take down aliens, enemy soldiers and more in a non-stop action game that you will want to play again and again.