How Technology Has Transformed Grocery Shopping
on 13/07/2018

If you’ve been to the grocery store lately, there’s a good chance that you’ve noticed the changes that have taken place. While it might depend on where you shop, many stores have a smaller number of cashiers working. Why? Because they often integrate a touch screen POS system that’s so much easier to use that it streamlines the checkout process and makes it much less intimidating. It’s one of the ways in which technology has transformed the way we buy groceries, which can be exciting when you think about it.

Another way in which people shop differently than in years past is that there are far more people shopping online and having their groceries delivered. Yes, this is something that has existed for years, but not to the extent that it happens now. Years ago, people had food delivered out of necessity, but now there are more customers having food delivered for convenience. The rationale is that you don’t have to go to the grocery store and take time selecting the items you want when you can just have someone do it for you. The best part is that you can have your food delivered directly to your door and the fees associated with making that happen are far less than you would imagine.

There was recently a lot of talk about a promotion where a national store is offering a service where grocery delivery drivers will not only bring your items to your home, but they will also put them away for you. While that doesn’t sit well with everyone, there are many busy professionals who want to take advantage of any service that enables them to spend more time with family and less time out of the home. When it comes to the benefits of having your groceries delivered, some consumers speak about their dislike of picking produce and the value of not having to even think about it.

Another dramatic way in which technology has changed the way we shop is through analytics. This is where grocery stores analyze customer data and use that information to make critical decisions. Whether it’s customer loyalty programs or improved service delivery, data offers a chance for grocery stores to optimize their outcomes. Analytics has improved both the online and in-store experience for customers.

Mobile pay has been around for some time now, but it’s been gaining momentum lately for some brands. It enables customers to pay for their purchases using mobile devices. This means you can use your Android or iPhone to make payments when they are connected to a major credit card. This system also works with gift cards and allows customers to choose from different payment options. Again, this isn’t something that a large number of consumers use, but it’s one of many ways that technology is changing our lives. Even people that don’t particularly like change are starting to embrace a different way of buying groceries.