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on 11/05/2018

Origami: a Great Way to Have Fun Creating Objects with Paper

If you have ever seen origami projects, you will realize that these art forms are created entirely from paper. Making origami objects is now a very popular activity in schools and homes and it actually one of the oldest crafts that was even known.

Although it is difficult to determine where the craft of origami originally came from, what we can know is that paper, which is its main material were first developed in China. Paper soon reached Japan, and it is in this country where origami art eventually became popular. If you would ask people where they think the art of origami came from, most of them will say Japan without any hesitation because it was the Japanese that made origami art a high art form. Even the word origami itself came from Japanese root word which include the word ‘oru’ meaning ‘to fold’ and ‘kami’ meaning ‘paper’ so if we combine the two words, we get origami which means to fold paper.

Origami can be used for making gifts for friends and family. It is a very simple and inexpensive craft that teachers can do with their students. Many children learn the art of folding paper in school where they are taught to make elaborate birds, animals, toys, and boats.

People who are into the hobby of doing origami art are fascinated with making different designs of birds. The reason for this is that birds are very special kinds of animals when it comes to Oriental culture. It is not only birds, that you can create from origami art but also other animals. In fact, whatever object you want to create from paper can be created with origami art.

There is a unique language used in origami art. Terms like square base, bird base, mountain fold, valley fold are just some of the new terms that you will meet when making origami art works. These are the basic terms used and these are certain bases and folds that are combined to be able to make different objects with a limited number of basic techniques. Because of the many objects you can make from a single piece paper makes one admire the craft as a very versatile one.

Origami is an art that is not expensive compared to other crafts that you can pursue. In origami art, you can create many different art works with just paper and your imagination and folding skills. If you buy kits sold in online stores or physical stores, then you can have a great origami experience creating elaborate design and these kits are complete with everything that you need. Origami kits contain special paper and full patterns and instructions. These kits can help you start with your new hobby of creating objects through origami.

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